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miércoles, marzo 30, 2011

Kaka & Robinho | Brazil | vector wallpaper

In Mexico, once we remove, we always support the Brazilians as our favorite team to win the World Cup and could not pass up the support for the Cariocas. Although I personally am a fan of Argentinaaaaaa!
First the one art wallpaper Brazil

From support samba and jogo bonito!
Kaka and co to the World Cup by the FIFA

2 comentarios:

Belchior Novais Lucena dijo...

Hello I loved your blog and everything I asked for a little help with some vector you can send me some vector you have in Corel. belchiskol msn @ hot ... I am Brazilian and I live in españa

Belchior Novais Lucena dijo...

Hola me encantó tu blog y todo lo que pidió un poco de ayuda con un vector que puede enviarme un vector que tiene en Corel. msn belchiskol @ hot ... Soy brasileño y vivo en españa